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Residents Can’t Return To Sinjar If There Is No Strong Government Capable Of Protecting Civilians

Residents Can't Return To Sinjar If There Is No Strong Government Capable Of Protecting Civilians

A recent agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the region of Sinjar in northwestern Iraq has profound ramifications for not only the people and groups in Sinjar currently, but displaced people who fled ISIS, the Yazidi community, tribes and regional politics. The agreement was made on October 9 and our researchers at MECRA have spent the last month interviewing locals and discussing the development with people on all sides. There have been protests agains the agreement and there have also been airstrikes by Turkey in the area.

The following interviews were conducted by our researcher in Iraq.

Date: 11th October, 2020

Time: 08:34 PM Local time

IRAQI soldier from Sinjar ( Sunni Tribe), 29:

The protests that took place recently in Sinjar consisted of 75% PKK supporters, and the remaining 25% were people opposed to the return of the Peshmerga because they see the latter as responsible for the murders, rapes, displacement and destruction of properties which took place at the hands of ISIS. They also complain that the KDP (Kurdish Democratic Party – the ruling party of the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq) don’t give local people the authority to effectively control and manage their areas…

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