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Iran Revolution Update: 1,500 Demonstrators Killed…Regime Refuses To Release Bodies To Families…Demands Payment For Bullets Used To Murder Children

The uprising in Iran continues unabated as the Iranian people battle the corrupt regime of the Mullahs.

The Iranian Resistance, the PMOI/MEK released a statement on the developments.

The MEK released the name of 28 more martyrs of the November uprising, bringing to 504 the number of martyrs identified so far. 

MEK announced that over 1,500 protesters were killed during the nationwide uprising. 

  • At least 400 killed in Tehran Province,
  • 320 in Kermanshah,
  • 240 in Khuzestan,
  • In Fars, at least 270 were killed, not taking into account hundreds of bodies eyewitness saw were taken to Namazi hospital in Shiraz by the regime.

The regime still refuses to release the bodies of those killed to their families and is demanding that they pay for the bullets with which their children were killed.  

In other news from neighboring Iraq, The Gateway Pundit reports on Iranian tanks entering Eastern Iraq to put down anti-Iranian demonstrations.

One of the many reasons we were for candidate Trump in the 2016 election was because Obama created a nightmare in Iraq.  In the west, Obama gave guns to rebels that morphed into ISIS and brutally murdered thousands.  In Eastern Iraq, Iran took over and Obama rewarded that terrorist country with a $150 billion and a bogus nuclear deal.

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