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Lavrov Says West Does Not Have ‘Democracy’ – Everything Is Pre-Arranged

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov answered a question at the Kremlin yesterday regarding the French elections.

Question: You said that Joe Biden was a more preferable president for Russia. But we see what is happening now. How would you comment on that?

Sergey Lavrov: It was President Vladimir Putin who said this in reply to a question about which candidate we “favour.”  

Frankly, it is a pathetic sight. When the system of “American democracy” produces such results and this course of the presidential race, anyone can make their own independent conclusions about the way things are orchestrated and arranged.

Take another “democracy,” France. The first round of the presidential election is over there. There can be two rounds, and it appears that the second round was designed to manipulate voters’ will that was expressed during the first round. When candidates can withdraw from the race, and they are convinced to do that to smooth things down for the “victory” of the conservatives or populists, it does not look like democracy.

A direct expression of will is the result of public opinion. We know what people think. If the results of the first round were used to form the parliament, France would have seen serious change.

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