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Massive Russian Missile Strike On Ukrainian Cities, Children’s Hospitals Hit, Confused Reports If Ukraine Accidentally Fired Air Defense Missile Into Kyiv Facility

This War Needs To End…

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After initial accusations against the Russian Federation targeting civilians, reports are now emanating from Kyiv that Ukrainian air defense units fired a missile into one children’s hospital while attempting to down an incoming missile barrage from the Russian Federation.

These are the initial reports of the massive Russian missile strike from Ukrainian Telegram channel:

On the morning of July 8, the Russian occupiers launched another missile attack on the territory of Ukraine. Russian terrorists fired more than 40 missiles of various types. 

The consequences of the morning missile attack on the country as of now:

📍Kyiv: 15 dead and 38 injured.

📍Kryvyi Rih: 10 dead and 47 injured, 9 in serious condition.

📍Dnipro: 1 dead and 12 injured.

📍Pokrovsk: 3 dead.

Children’s hospital, maternity hospital, enterprises, service stations, administrative buildings and residential buildings were hit.

Now some reports are coming from the Kyiv area stating the medical facility in Kyiv was damaged by a Western-produced air defense rocket. Officials are warning of ‘falling debris’ in the capital.

Tsarizm is attempting to verify what actually happened…

This is all happening one day prior to the NATO summit.

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Stoli July 9, 2024 at 10:23 am

If U Karen army would only learn how to use Missiles supplied by Western countries perhaps they would suffer less civilian casualties

Robert Travis July 9, 2024 at 11:30 am

I suspect that the targeting accuracy of Russia’s cruise missiles (and the maps they navigate by) is likely as good as ours. Russia, dare say, has all of Europe 3D-mapped to sub-meter precision. The deployers of these 3/4 million dollar precision assets do so for strategic reasons, not firing them wantonly to destroy non-hostile infrastructure and kill innocent’s. This sounds like a media repeat of the hospital hit by an errant Hamas missile in Gaza – with blame automatically assigned to Israel.


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