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Digital Ausweis For Stupid And Poor Ukrainians. Who Is Behind The Scenes Making An Awful Experiment?

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Kyiv – What is an ausweis?

It’s a German name for a paper document for civilians and workers on occupied territories of Ukraine introduced by the German administration in Ukraine during WWII. 

Ausweis is the method of Gestapo and NKVD. Look how similar are the actions of Gestapo, NKVD and current junta in Ukraine. 

Can we call it junta? Yes we can. 

Here are the facts: 

  1. Zelensky’s term as President has expired on May 21st. The elections were not held. 
  2. The Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) legitimacy expired in the fall of 2023. They prolonged their terms by personal votes. Not legitimate.
  3. The Constitution of Ukraine has been violated by all government and non-government bodies and agencies in Ukraine.
  4. The war with Russia has not been officially declared as a war, but is currently called “a militant aggression”. According to this, it’s a conflict, but not a war. We all know it’s a war, but it’s not a war.
  5. Private police, that are not government owned and public police.
  6. Private ministry of defense as an LLC.
  7. Private military formations that act like they are the government army, but they are not. They are privately owned and privately financed formations.
  8. Non-government, private militarized army recruiting posts, bloc posts and private military recruiting centers. Not government owned, but LLCs. Thus, when such organizations recruit, arrest, kidnap, beat civilians on the street it means they are acting against civil society.
  9. Introduction of ausweis of various forms.
  10. Deletion of previous government documents. New private formations do not accept documents issued by the government. They required QR codes, strip codes or papers issued by their private organizations.

There are many more examples we can give you on why the junta in Ukraine is a junta and the clique has usurped the government in Ukraine. 

What is a modern version of ausweis for Ukrainians?

It’s a digital app and paper based versions with QR code, strip codes and paper alternatives.

You can download an ausweis in Google. You will need to upload Bank ID, personal social security number, passport. You won’t be able to delete the information. Yes, it violates the Google policy. Yes, Google keeps this ausweis for Ukrainians.


This lady in the picture is the Chief administrator of digital ausweis for Ukrainian men (to be recruited) and women (that possess a profession to be recruited by private military formations in Ukraine).

This digital ausweis is a part of a larger ausweis program administered by private ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. https://diia.gov.ua/

Make no mistake DIIA from private ministry of digital transformation is not a government of Ukraine. It’s contracted by the government of Ukraine (which is junta as of now by any definitions available on junta). 

What’s interesting is that hackers have already hacked the database and now the private information of thousands of Ukrainians is available for sale in the internet.

What’s more interesting is that when a person signs an offer in this digital ausweis mobile application, he accepts “digital communication” and has to upload Bank ID (giving this little digital signature for private military formations for free), uploads social security number (gives the access and permit for the private military formation to access state register for real estate, apartments and pensions). Do you understand?

How digital and paper ausweis works in Ukraine?

This is how the digital ausweis works in Ukraine:

  1. The QR code is issued to a person (man or woman)
  2. The private civil police (black uniform in US style cars) POLICE and private military policy (Green and black uniforms, no POLICE signs, no ARMY signs) can stop any car, any person on the street and check the ausweis for the QR code, strip code or papers with QR code or strip code. If a person doesn’t have a QR code or strip code on papers or on the phone, then this person is arrested immediately and taken to the private military recruiting office of “not army, not police” for identity check and mobilization to the private military formations
  3. The private civil police (black uniform in US style cars) under the sign POLICE and private military policy (Green and black uniforms, no POLICE signs, no ARMY signs) were allowed by the decree signed by Mr. Zelensky in effect from May 19th
  4. The ARMY cars are not used in the recruiting efforts.
  5. The recruits are forced to sign the papers making them a volunteer in private militant formations but not the Army of Ukraine. 
  6. This means that if any injury occurs or this person is killed in the private military conflict against Russia involved with the private or government controlled forces on the territory of Ukraine (Donbass, Kharkiv, Kherson areas), those people will not be accepted as disabled or wounded or killed in actions soldiers, but assumed as volunteers in private militarized formations. Their families will not obtain 12 mln UAH advertised by Mr. Zelenskiy.

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