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UPDATE: Military Waiting On Orders From New Commander – Rumors Of Military Leadership Change In Ukraine

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KYIV – Zaluzhny got fired by desperate Zelenskiy, but the Department of State stopped the dismissal. Victoria Nuland flew to Kyiv immediately after the evens of 29th of January 2024 to meet Za and Ze. Nuland is in Kyiv today. Arrived yesterday. Brink met her on the train station. Nuland is scheduled to meet Ze and Za today.

General Budanov declined the offer to become a Chief Commander. General Syrsky declined the offer to become a Chief Commander.

Yermak – who is behind the intrigue with Za was in Uzhgorod on that day. He did it on purpose so Ze fires Za during the meeting.

As of right now, the decree was called back and Za remaigns the Chief Commander de facto because there is no decree to fire him.

The army is waiting the orders.

Nobody is in revolt situation in the army. Silence.


Awaiting the news from Kyiv during the day today.

Tsarizm has been following the animosity between Ukrainian executive leadership, and the military command structure for some time. The root of the problem is Zelenksiy’s efforts to blame military officers for the problems on the battlefield, when the real issue is corrupt political leadership.

Now the rumors are swirling in Kyiv that a change at the top of the military has finally been achieved by the Zelenskiy power faction, including Yermak.

Source: Rumors are he got dismissed by Ze. Then he was suggested an ambassador position. He declined. Then Ze had talks with the Pentagon. Then Zaluzhny dismissed himself.

Rumors are General Budanov to be appointed as the New Chief Commander.

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