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Russia’s Assault On Ukrainian Infrastructure Causing Blackouts Across Moldova – One Of Europe’s Poorest Countries

Hydro Power Plant in Dubăsari

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As Russian missiles pounded Ukrainian infrastructure this week, Ukraine’s southern neighbor, Moldova, felt the effects as blackouts began occurring throughout the small country on November 15, according to Inkerman.

Russia’s recent continued assault on Ukraine’s battered energy infrastructure downed a key powerline that is essential to keep Moldova’s electricity grid operating. The downed power line has caused not only blackouts across much of the country but also caused major disruptions to Moldova’s internet connectivity.

Missiles in Ukraine caused blackouts in Moldova because the country’s Soviet-era energy system is interconnected with Ukraine’s which allowed for blasts at key infrastructure facilities to trigger an automatic shutdown of the power line that supplies Moldova with electricity.

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While it is tempting to believe that the effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine will stay within the borders of the two countries involved, the blackouts in Moldova and a blast in Poland that killed 2 people and was caused by an errant Ukrainian air-defense missile, earlier this week make it clear that the war is spilling over into neighboring countries in the region.

The war has also affected Western Europe which relies heavily on Russian energy resources. With sanctions imposed against Russia, much of Europe is now facing the worst energy crisis in a generation as a bitterly cold winter approaches. While countries like Germany, Britain, and Poland have taken measures to prepare for the shortage, poorer countries like Moldova are left struggling without the added complications of blackouts.

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