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April 20, 2018
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New Russian Think Tank Report Advises Russia To Move Closer To West

New Russian Think Tank Report Advises Russia To Move Closer To West
Image by kremlin.ru

A Russian think tank has issued a report via a request for advice from Vladimir Putin on how to move the country forward. The document says Russia is “overstretching in efforts of excessive military and political competition,” and is harming its own people, losing the confrontation with the West.

“There are no existential clashes between Russia and the West,” a report released Thursday by the CSR thinktank, run by former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin warned. “Russia loses from confrontation with the West,” reports Newsweek.

“Conflict (between Russia and the U.S.) contributes to the marginalization of Russia in international institutions and projects, fraught with serious loss of economic gains for Russia,” the report declared.

“Ukraine is lost to Russia as a business partner for a long time…Russia is a strategic opponent for Ukraine. The animosity has rooted itself into the political ideology and the public consciousness.”

“The Ukrainian question has spoiled relations with the West, dealing damage to trade, spawning an arms race, closing off many directions of cooperation which Russia is interested in keeping.”

Kudrin was brought in by Vladimir Putin to provide a liberal view on how to prepare for the election and lead Russia from 2018. It is far from certain Putin will listen to the advice. He is known to get recommendations from all sides. To follow this road map would be a significant departure from Kremlin policies and attitudes.

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