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Open conflict Between Ukrainian Army And Zelenskiy Dictatorship Is Getting Hotter

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KYIV – Zelenskiy gave an interview to The Sun newspaper a couple of days ago. Please, watch the video on the link below. 


In this interview, Zelenskiy suggested that Chief Commander Zaluzhny should be dismissed before he becomes a politician, otherwise there should be a chain of command. This warning from President Zelenskiy to Chief Commander Zaluzhny came after 2 weeks of silent conflict between the Office of the President led by grey cardinal Yermak (a secretarial aide to Zelensky), and Chief Commander Zaluzhny. Yermak used a puppet new minister of Defense Umeroff (aka “dead-off”, “umer”=dead) to fire General Khorenko (fired 2 weeks ago), Chief of Medical Service Tatyana Ostashenko (fired 3 days ago) and 2 more are generals to be fired, candidates as of right now – General Nayev and General Tarnavsky.

We assess the situation between the Army Chief of Staff and the Office of the President led by Andrii Yermak, an illegitimate aide of President Zelenskiy, as critical. We forecast that the situation will deteriorate very fast and the Regime of Zelenskiy and Yermak will collapse in the nearest time.

Let’s review the information published by several sources in Ukraine — we understand that the articles below (scroll to bottom of article) confirm the situation we knew two years ago about the surrender of the South of Ukraine, low preparedness of the Ukrainian Army, sabotage of the Army from the Office of the President, and other nasty things that led to the disaster in the war with Russia.

Response from General Nayev to attacks from the Office of the President led by Yermak

General Naev wrote the first article since the invasion and opened the curtain on the reasons for the failed unpreparedness for the invasion.

1. – “The intelligence agencies of Ukraine did not provide clear information regarding the specific date and time of the beginning of the aggression in any of the official documents.”

Head of HUR – Military Intelligence (Reconnaisance of the Army) General Budanov tells how

– “On the 23rd, approximately, it seems, at 2:30 p.m., Ukraine clearly received information that at four in the morning there would be a start and exactly how. This was brought to the first person of the state.”

But General Naev says that he did not receive any document about the specific date of the offensive.

That is, the head of the CIA, Burns, gave Zelenskiy information about plans to attack by the Russian Federation:

– (January 16 to Zelenskiy) “A number of details were revealed, for example, Russian intentions to capture an airfield northwest of Kyiv called Gostomel and use it as a platform for landing airborne forces, as well as to speed up the capture of Kyiv.”

And even Budanov’s wife confirms this:

– The man told me on the evening of February 23 that at 5:00 a.m. a full-scale invasion would begin. We got together and went to his place of work, and since then we have not been home.

But Zelenskiy HID the intelligence information received from the GUR and the CIA from the generals.

With this one action, Zelenskiy committed a crime – his criminal inaction is the direct cause of the country’s unpreparedness for war.

Naev’s words are confirmed by the commander of the 4th brigade of the NSU, Colonel Artem Ilyukhin:

– “The command of the 4th brigade did not have data on the preparation of an attack on Gostomel at that time”.

But let’s go further.

Hiding the CIA and GUR data from the military leadership, Zelenskiy on the evening of February 23, 2022 does not mention the seriousness of the moment.

– “There is no reason for your sleepless night”.

Having said this, Zelenskiy goes to bed.

2. Instead, General Naev reports the following: he did not listen to the chilling chatter of the clown, did not go to sleep, trusted his “instinct” and ordered the commanders to start a sleepless night together:

– “The head of my intelligence confirmed the possibility of escalation, and my inner feelings told me that the invasion could happen on the 24th. Therefore, I immediately called all seven commanders of the groups and ordered them to bring the troops to readiness to repel the aggression by 4 o’clock in the morning on February 24.

At 2 o’clock in the morning, a few hours before the start of full-scale war, I arrived at the command center, where the heads of all centers and departments had already gathered, and ordered them all to take their workplaces and be ready for combat control. And in a few hours it became clear that this prediction was correct.”

In addition to idiots, there are many adults and responsible people in our country. It is because they did not listen to the chilling talk of the president, and even acted against him, that we avoided death.

3. And the third point. General Naev carried out the operational deployment of troops on his own initiative. Only thanks to this, the first sudden blow of the enemy did not become devastating:

– “In order to respond to the threat of an enemy invasion, which had already been openly discussed, on February 23 I gave a written order to all commanders of the groups to carry out an operational deployment and move units to the areas of combat assignment. After that, the deployment of combined forces brigades was carried out in the specified areas, later – systems of intelligence, operational, logistical, medical support. In the future, this became the basis for the actions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine to repel the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

If we had not done it, we would meet the war in the barracks and on the training grounds.”

The Danilovs-Zelenskis tell how they “prepared” by wearing a black uniform. But it was not the black uniform that saved us, but the fact that these fools were disobeyed by those who carried out their orders.

But Zelenskiy, hiding precise intelligence from General Nayev and not giving advance instructions, forced the general into conditions exactly like Sestryvakovsky’s scout, who tried to blow up a bridge from Crimea without an order, but was already running between the gaps of enemy mines and failed. General Naev, without an order, began to act and move troops to the border, but he did not have time to do it. The 59th brigade, being at the Oleshkiv training ground 80 km from Crimea, never reached the isthmus with Crimea.

– “Bridges should be blown up before the approach of the enemy, not when he is already near them.” – General Sokolov is responsible for the South.


The catastrophic consequences of our unpreparedness in the first days of the war are solely on the president’s conscience.

In the event of a threat of invasion, being obliged by law to act accordingly, the president of Ukraine avoided his obligations and did not introduce martial law. With this, he deprived the military leadership of the opportunity to act on prejudice, to blow up bridges in advance, to prepare and take up defensive positions.

All this led to unpreparedness of the troops in the first hours of the invasion, catastrophic consequences, encirclement of thousands of soldiers and tens of thousands of deaths.

But Zelenskiy’s conscience does not wake up. After the first weeks, green propaganda announced that the military were to blame for everything.

We have a criminal case ready. There is everything for the impeachment procedure and the maximum prison term.

Sources of the information below:


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Quartermaster November 23, 2023 at 1:33 am

“Zelenskiy Dictatorship”

That’s hilarious. You’d be better off not listening to those voices in your head.

jack johnson November 23, 2023 at 9:35 am

Once Avdiivka falls Zelenskyy will be forced to the negotiation table and will have to agree to Russian terms, which are fairly reasonable. If he refuses, the US will back a military coup to remove him. The US and NATO are looking for a scapegoat for this embarrassing failure, whether Zelenskyy lives to see the end of this war is up to him.

Getting in bed with the US and failing has never worked out well for foreign leaders.


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