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Ukraine: A Case Of Zelensky And Yermak Against The Generals Of The Ukrainian Army

Zelenskiy, Yermak, General Zaluzhny
Source: Facebook of Hanna Malyar, Speaker of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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Who is to blame?

We’ve forecasted this case many months ago. We understand that there are people to blame for the war, the consequences, the defeat of the Ukrainian army, the territories lost, etc. This process of the dissolution of the visible unity of Ukrainians fighting for their country has begun. President Zelenskiy and his aide Yermak confirmed in many interviews that they knew the war would start. They didn’t do anything. Instead of warning the population about the upcoming war and invasion Zelenskiy and Yermak played the game of “don’t see, don’t panic”. The government could have evacuated millions of people from the borderline and could have created defense lines against Russians, if not prevent the war by negotiations. The war was forecasted many years prior to 2022. We do not believe words that people say “the war was not expected”. 

Currently, Zelensky and Yermak are searching for the scapegoats. The conflict is imminent. We forecast the conflict to develop further within next several months. The irony is that Zelensky, Yermak have laundered millions of humanitarian and war money supplied by the Western allies. The generals were also allowed to obtain their piece of the pie, there is no doubt about that. War time corruption was forecasted. We even heard words from the representatives literally saying “Afghani corruption was worse”. 

How did the Russians enter the South of Ukraine?

There were numerous accounts that the troops were ordered to withdraw from the Southern cities of Ukraine. It took 2 hours for Russians to drive 100 km inside the mainland Ukraine and occupy almost all territory they currently hold. There were no defense operations. The generals knew that, Zelenskiy knew that. We also, obtained evidence that the parliamentarians of the faction of Zelenskiy knew about the war and were ordered to play the theater in order to take the population hostage later when the Russian troops would enter Ukraine.

Current frontline

The current frontline has not been moving anywhere drastically: Russians continue their offensive in Kupiansk, Ukrainians continue the counteroffensive operation near Rabotine, having liberated 5 square km within 3 months of the counteroffensive. 

From the BBC:

“According to the BBC (see below), the investigators from the State Security Agency of Ukraine (SBU) have already interrogated a number of the Ukrainian Army generals and representatives of the military command in Ukraine.

Among the people already interviewed by the SBU are the commander of the defense forces Sergei Nayev, former commanders of the South group of troops, including generals Andrii Kovalchuk and Andrii Sokolov, as well as commanders of other military formations that are part of this group.

Testimony was also given by General, former Chief of the General Staff Viktor Muzhenko, as well as General Ruslan Khomchak.

As part of the investigation into this case, investigators came to talk with Valery Zaluzhny. According to the BBC, the commander-in-chief does not yet have procedural status in this case, nor has there been any official summoning  for questioning. But it is possible that such a status will appear later: given the possible development of events, in narrow political circles the case of the occupation of the South is already called the “Zaluzhny case.” ”



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Ben Colder September 25, 2023 at 11:22 am

I do not think the fake news are really giving us an honest repot of what is actually going on in Ukraine I think that the Russians are winning and that eventually they will take over. The head guy in Ukraine is as corrupt as Joe the Sniff Bribeme and I think that he and some of his generals are putting the money that Bribeme sends them after the big guy gets his cut in their pocket.


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