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Armenia, A New War Of The Department Of State/USAID

KYIV – How are the color revolutions and wars usually started in the countries of the former Soviet Union?

Easy by the plan but not easy to implement. A couple of visits of new ambassadors, a couple of visits of military attaches, a couple of visits of ambassadors and envoys from the Department of State and voila… new plan for democratic development is ready.  USAID and affiliated organizations will finance the bill and democracy. Local oligarchs and government officials will be forced to help and finance. Local collaborating officials will comply to all recommendations and signals send from the ambassadors and the envoy from the US embassy or the USAID. Those who do not comply with signals and recommendations will be ostracized by the media which is influenced and controlled from the Embassy of the USA and the Department of State. 

Question: is that the democracy movement and freedom we want for the USA and the nations outside of the USA? 

The paragraph above describes the way the Department of State represents USA freedom for the overseas nations. And they (the overseas nations) should better obey and do what they are told, otherwise there will be a meeting with special ambassadors and envoys and… a “new color revolution”.

In the picture below is the former US Ambassador to Albania, Yuri Kim, who arrived in Armenia. She is now a senior official of the Department of State. Whenever this woman comes, the country will be under USA governance and influence very soon.

Tsarizm has written about her actions in Albania…below is a sample:

US Ambassador To Albania Goes Full Fascist In Support Of Soros-Enabled Socialist Government, Demonizes Populist Figure, Interferes In Elections

Corrupt Biden Ambassador Accuses Albanian Populists Of ‘Corruption’

Leftist US Ambassador To Albania Continues Disgusting Interference In Local Politics

The USA’s Diplomatic Disaster In Albania

State Department Continues To Interfere In Albanian Internal Affairs…Won’t ‘Recognize’ Official Who Opposes Socialist Government Because He Was Put On State Dept Sanction List

Organized Crime Regimes Of The United States And Albania Vow To Jointly Fight Organized Crime

US Ambassador To Albania Urges Investigation Of Electoral Crimes, Ignores US Fraudulent Election

We also remember Victoria Nuland. Whenever Victoria comes to fight the problems of the third, world she starts a civil war in that country. Yes, the countries of third world (they call them developing and emerging countries to sound civilized, democratic and politically correct), have a lot of problems in economic and social development, but there are no wars. Victoria Nuland has become the ambassador of war. 

According to Forbes just 9 hours ago


120 thousand of Armenians will be relocated from Karabakh. 

Thus, we forecast the next phase of war and crisis in Armenia. We pray for people of Armenia and Azerbaijan to reach the peace.

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