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Lavrov Says Moldova Might Be The Next Ukraine

Serghey Lavrov, via Facebook

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared in an interview last week that Moldova might soon face the same situation as Ukraine.

In an interview with TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov, the Russian Foreign Minister spoke on the situation in Ukraine and made somber predictions about the fate of Moldova. He accused President Maia Sandu of “doing almost anything,” even uniting with Romania, to get NATO protection. His statement hit a chord with many who know Moldova was part of Romania until 1940. The people of Moldova speak Romanian, have the same religion, and keep the same traditions as all Romanians.

His comments mirror those of Vladimir Putin, who accused Ukraine of wanting to enter NATO saying that “further expansion of the NATO infrastructure… is unacceptable for us” before launching an attack on the country in February 2022.

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Moldova is a neutral country, however, and so far the only connection to NATO has been accepting humanitarian aid. A recent survey made public in Chișinău shows that only 22.4% of citizens would vote in favor of a possible NATO integration. But this is not the first time the conversation turned toward Moldova possibly being in danger.

Only two months before Lavrov’s comments, Alexandru Musteață, the head of Moldova’s Intelligence and Security Services stated “the question is not whether the Russian Federation will launch a new offensive in the direction of Moldovan territory, but when it will happen.”

With Russia getting ready for a new offensive, Lavrov stated “we have everything we need […] to achieve the goals of the special military operation.”

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