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Moscow Reacts To Moldova’s Suspension Of Six Russian Language Television Stations

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Last week, CD Media reported that the Moldovan government moved to ban media outlets with pro-Kremlin sympathies. The television stations affected include Primul in Moldova, RTR Moldova, Accent TV, NTV Moldova, TV6, and Orhei TV. The Russian government condemned the move over the weekend.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, “We view this ban as an unprecedented act of political censorship, as the abuse of the principle of media pluralism, and as a blatant breach of the right to free access to information, the adherence to which the Republic’s political leadership regularly reiterates…. Through this step, officials in Chișinău, hiding behind alleged responsibility to protect its citizens from ‘an incorrect’ interpretations of events in Moldova and the world, intentionally deprives millions of Russian-speaking residents of the remaining sources of news content in their preferred language in the country. Hundreds of journalists will lose their jobs in no time at the whim of politicians who are playing censors.” 

Zakharova added that Moscow views the decision by Moldovan authorities as a cynical violation of the rights of ethnic minorities. “We demand that the relevant international organizations give a proper assessment of this move and take any possible measure to rectify this unacceptable situation,” she added.

Given recent warnings from Alexandru Musteață, head of Moldovan intelligence, about a possible Russian attack on the country in the coming year, the move by Moldovan authorities seemingly provides Russia with a pretext for invasion, one which they could undoubtedly characterize as necessary to protect the Russian ethnic minority from persecution by the regime in Chișinău.

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1 comment

pc_PHAGE February 7, 2023 at 4:23 am

This article is CD Media Lite, but better than a “Snow-Job”.
I can sense a faint anti-Russian sentiment. Understandable given past history.
But then, CD Media is no fan of Russia. IMO.
It would have been nice to have provided a map and a little background like the break-a-way part–Transnistria.
It’s time Russia took back Ukraine.
The US, EU & Red China have been coordinating the collapse of their economies for the purposes of depopulation and the destruction of their middle classes.
The tensions being reported between Wash DC and Beijing have been manufactured. I believe that the US Deep-State is in a secret alliance with Beijing.
I suspect there was a quid-pro-quo before the start of the Covid Genocide that for the Red Chinese to release the Covid—[has Covid been isolated it yet?—is it just an enhanced flu bug?]. the US would take a lassez-faire attitude with respect to a Taiwan invasion.
The US is on the path to a political economy that will resemble Red China and Russia is on a trajectory for a more open society that will resemble America before the American Left got despotic.
Some reasons for the so-called Sino-Russian alliance are that China needs Siberian resources and Russia is a powerful next-door neighbor.
It makes more sense for China to prefer the US.
After the Globalists destroy America and the EU, Russia will find itself alone.
The EU will become depopulated from the Covid vaccine bioweapon.
The white native population will have the highest vaccination rate and greatest number of deaths and injuries from the Pfizer bioweapon while the immigrant populations will have the lowest
I suspect that that is when the Muslims in Europe will make their move for supremacy.
And the Turks will finally take Vienna.
They will win and Western Europe will fracture into ministates
[Now to get to the point after all the BS above].
Russia will become stronger and educated people in the West will flee war and social chaos and migrate to the East similar to the situation before and after WWII when the thousands of the highest educated Europeans fled to America and made it the intellectual leader of the world.
Eastern Europe and Russia have the potential to become the successor to Western European Christian Civilization.
But only if the East Europeans can overcome their hatred for Russia.
The war in Ukraine is an attempt by the EU & US to stop any East European Renaissance.
Because the Globalist NWO will fail if Russia is not crippled.
The Globalists want 2 things…
1. The destruction of Western Civilization and,
2. The Genocide of the white race to ensure that destruction.
Thus, the talk of nuclear war.
This will be the globalist’s final play if it looks like Russia will succeed.
1&2 can be realized with a nuclear exchange that is mostly an EMP exchange.
Then there will be no need to destroy cities because they will soon die after EMP blasts.
Hence the number of nuclear explosions would be much less than the conventional scenario of dozens
of cities going up in radioactive clouds.
If the Northern Hemisphere was destroyed but the Southern Hemisphere was mostly intact would the 1%-ers and their most evil genius, Bill Gates, say: “What Me Worry!” ?


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