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UPDATE: Ukrainians Freeze In Kyiv Due To Grift, Incompetence After Russians Destroy Infrastructure

Image by State Emergency Service of Ukraine

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You can read our previous reporting on the danger of winter and incompetence in Ukraine here.

Sources in Ukraine are describing an apocalyptic situation in Kyiv as winter sets in with a large percentage of civilian infrastructure destroyed by Russian missile strikes. Once again as throughout history, Mother Russia is using winter as a weapon, and the corruption inside the Ukrainian government is making life hell for residents of the capitol city.

Here are some quotes from our sources on the ground.

“[Mayor] Klitchko is an idiot. They prepared 400 schools as heating points and he declared they would stop the metro and make the metro as shelter and heating points for 2.5 mln population of Kyiv. And 12 pharmacies, 5 veterinary points will work [for healthcare].”

“Klitchko is an idiot, treasury money launderer. Kyiv is not prepared for the blackouts. The heating in the building is almost dead – the heating batteries [radiators] in my apartment are cold – 17 degrees F in my apartment. I used electrical batteries. I sleep in British army sleeping bag and 2 blankets when I am in Kyiv. I do not suffer from the blackout when I am traveling. But when I come to Kyiv – it’s a lottery with electricity, the elevator and sleeping in cold apartment.”

“I understand, that when the snowstorms come and the temperature hits -10 celsius, Russians will strike 2 heat power stations in Kyiv and Kyiv will go into “freezing” mode. This is what expected. I think the ukr government has a lot of rus [Russian] agents and ukr [Ukranian] idiots. The war is hybrid. I expect really bad weather for this winter.”

“When I left Kyiv 3 days ago – the temperature was -8 Celsius.”

“There is something going on behind the curtain; they are driving people out of Kyiv.”

So, when Biden and Zelenskiy declare they will fight to the end, the Ukrainian people suffer.

This war should not have started, and should end with a peace settlement as soon as possible, especially since the incoming U.S. House of Representatives is now demanding accountability for the billions grifted in Ukraine, and future military, financial support is in doubt.

To steal a quote from Joe Biden — America has more important things to worry about.

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