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Russia Rages Over French Efforts To Ban Use Of Russian Covid-19 Vaccine

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France does not want those vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine to be able to travel in Europe. This has enraged the Russian government. The EU is installing a vaccine passport system for movement of its citizens.

The Sputnik-V vaccine is a traditional vaccine, where a portion of a dead virus is inserted into the body to inspire an immune response. The Russian government has said it is highly effective; although, there is not much transparency into the Russian data.

The vaccines pushed by the European Union, Pfizer and Moderna, are experimental mRNA which some call gene therapy and not a traditional jab; the technique does not have a track record of past success. In fact there is public data available that shows that the mRNA vaccines are more dangerous for young people than the virus itself.

The Russian Foreign Ministry weighed in on the issue today.

The French Foreign Ministry’s call not to recognize Russian and Chinese vaccines in the EU is unacceptable, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Thursday, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“Such remarks are unacceptable. This is a hybrid of racism, imperial hegemonism and neo-Nazism: entire peoples are denied equal rights and opportunities, and this is being done in violation of laws, ethics and morals, pushing the world towards confrontation at a moment when it endures the most difficult trials by the pandemic,” she said in her Telegram channel Thursday.

“The nerve, the cynicism and brutality, with which the Western states fight for profit, abandoning their own humanistic ideals, without thinking about the fates of millions of people during the humanity’s find against the pandemic, are shocking,” the diplomat said.

“The people who authored these words have nothing to do with Zakharova added.

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