Russian Authorities Encouraging Doxing Of Demonstrators
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Russian Authorities Encouraging Doxing Of Demonstrators

Image by Peter Porai-Koshits

Russian authorities are encouraging municipal authorities and local election officials to take photos (preferable with a gigapixel camera) of individuals participating in political demonstrations and post them on the website Jesuismaidan.com which publicly matches them to social media profiles and identifies them, in other words, doxing them publicly.

ECHR Orders Russia To Compensate Navalny And Brother

Most of the demonstrators are from the younger generations. The ‘offenders’ could then be denied jobs, education, or worse.

“In the interests of “social-political stability,” the Vladimir region’s Education Department has recommended “stricter measures” to prevent local protests ahead of next year’s presidential election. A document signed by Elena Zaprudnova, the deputy director of the Vladimir region’s Education Department,” reports Meduza, a Kremlin opposition online paper that fled Russia and now operates in the Baltics. Zaprudnova says officials should report quarterly on the implementation of the department’s recommendations.

Medusa also reports, “Opposition politician Alexey Navalny says he will sue Vladimir Putin and the Presidential Administration over an allegedly coordinated campaign by local officials nationwide to deny his activists permits for public demonstrations.”

Russia Detains Navalny As Election Season Heats Up

The Kremlin largely controls legacy media but is having a hard time reining in social media as young Russians are very adapt at using technology and avoiding censorship.

The Kremlin is especially worried about any serious challenge to Putin’s reelection in the upcoming 2018 poll.

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