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Russia Threatens UK ‘The Bombs Will Hit The Target Next Time’

Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Defender
Image by Royal Navy

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The Russian Federation warned the Royal Navy that next time it treads in waters off Crimea, ‘our bombs will hit the target and not be a warning shot’.

The Head of the Russian delegation to the security and arms controls negotiations in Vienna Konstantin Gavrilov warned the UK in the wake of the HMS Defender incident that, next time, bombs will be dropped on the target instead of ahead of it. This statement was made during the June 23 OSCE meeting on cooperation in security and was published on Thursday, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“It is impossible to hide the indignation over the UK Ministry of Defense’s statement that the mentioned destroyer allegedly ‘conducted an innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters.’ I have to warn the ex-‘ruler of the waves,’ that next time, such a decision is taken, bombs will be dropped not ahead of the target, but on the target,” Gavrilov said in the statement, published by the Russian delegation.

On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Black Sea Fleet and the Federal Security Service border control service thwarted a violation of the Russian border by HMS Defender near Crimea’s Cape Fiolent. The destroyer reportedly traveled 3 kilometers into Russia’s territorial waters. A guard ship fired warning shots, followed by several bombs, dropped from a Su-24M plane ahead of the Defender, after which the destroyer left Russian waters. The Russian Defense Ministry viewed the destroyer’s actions as a blatant violation of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and called on London to investigate the actions of the crew.

Britain disputed the Russian version of events, with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab calling it “predictably inaccurate”. No warning shots had been fired and no bombs had been dropped in the path of the Royal Navy destroyer Defender, reported Zero Hedge.

“We can appeal to common sense, demand respect for international law, and if that doesn’t work, we can bomb,” Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told news agencies.

Seeking to de-escalate tensions, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the British warship, which was traveling from the Ukrainian port of Odessa to the Georgian port of Batumi, was acting in accordance with the law and had been in international waters, wrote Zero Hedge.

“These are Ukrainian waters and it was entirely right to use them to go from A to B,” Johnson said. British Defence Minister Ben Wallace accused Russian pilots of conducting unsafe aircraft manoeuvres 500 feet (152 m) above the warship.

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Bernie Mee July 17, 2021 at 4:40 pm

And watch the world retaliate, smart guy that mr putin. The world is not a captive audience, like your citizens. Why is it people such yourself believe an attack will advance humanity. It actually shows how weak it is, not how strong… who wins? No one! Go play in space and grow up.


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