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Russia Moves To Grant Ex-Presidents Lifetime Immunity From Prosecution As Rumors Swirl About Putin’s Health

Russia Moves To Grant Ex-Presidents Lifetime Immunity From Prosecution As Rumors Swirl About Putin's Health
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With rumors swirling that Russian President Putin may have Parkinson’s Disease, the parliament in Moscow has moved to give ex-presidents lifetime immunity, giving credence to reports on Putin’s health.

Russian lawmakers submitted legislation Thursday that would grant former presidents lifetime immunity from criminal prosecution under President Vladimir Putin’s constitutional reforms, Interfax reported, wrote The Moscow Times.

Under current laws, presidents cannot be held criminally or administratively liable for crimes committed while serving their terms. A parliamentary working group assessing Putin’s constitutional reforms proposed earlier this year to extend presidential immunity beyond their terms of office.

“The bill secures immunity guarantees for ex-presidents beyond the terms of their presidential powers,” Interfax quoted Senator Andrei Klishas, the group’s co-chair, as telling reporters.

“This expands the timeframe of immunity guarantees for a president who stops exercising their powers,” added Klishas, who chairs the upper-house Federation Council’s Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building.

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