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Russian University Decides To Fight Gay Agenda, Allegedly Threatens Student With Expulsion After He Breaks Gay Propaganda Law

Russian University Decides To Fight Gay Agenda, Allegedly Threatens Student With Expulsion After He Breaks Gay Propaganda Law
‘Vesna’ and LGBTQ activists at Nevskii prospect. May 1, 2017 rally in St. Petersburg, Russia
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Alexei Kouprianov

The main university in the Russian city of Eketerinburg has allegedly threatened a student with expulsion over breaking the Russian Federation’s ‘gay propaganda law’, which makes illegal the advancement of the gay agenda in public spaces or towards minors.

The offending student was publicly posting links to pro-LGTBQ groups on social media, reported Russia’s eanews.ru.

“He was summoned by the provost Krasnov Roman Valeryevich and demanded to take the documents from the university with the wording: we tracked your social networks, here are the printouts – you are gay,”  classmates described.

“I got a call from the director of my institute, said that there was an unpleasant situation and we need to talk. At the meeting he explained that a group of monitoring of students’ social networks was created and they found that I was signed-in to an LGBT group. Then I was summoned by the vice-chancellor for educational work Roman Krasnov, who said that I “defame the name of the institute”, that I have a pink phone and that the presence of a girl, in his opinion, is not an excuse and does not prove that I am not gay,” the student told EAN. 

“Not only now, we have been conducting, conducting and will continue to monitor the social networks of our students! For one simple reason: we are a public university, and, accordingly, we look at the moral image of our students. We have the right to see what [is happening in] our student lives. It’s a public page. And what prevents our youth policy department, our social management from seeing: how, what do our students do during extracurricular hours? Of course, we look at social networks,” the EAN vice-chancellor for social work said. 

Krasnov later told state-run media that he “never planned” to expel the student and called the media reports about his threats “incorrect,” reported The Moscow Times.

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Vincent September 22, 2019 at 12:41 pm

It’s good to see that the left-wing nutballs have not taken over Russian society.

CENI September 24, 2019 at 4:42 am



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