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Putin Says Israel Is A ‘Russian-Speaking’ Country, As Kremlin Looks To Peel Off Another American Ally

Putin Says Israel Is A 'Russian-Speaking' Country, As Kremlin Moves In On Another American Ally
Image by Kremlin.ru

Barack Hussein Obama famously despised The Jewish State and its leader Benjamin Netanyahu. The former American president was caught on hot mic saying as much in Europe. Obama attempted to give Iran the bomb, did everything he could do harm the Israeli-American relationship and block Israeli land-use policy in favor of Arab neighbors. The Democratic Party, a third of the country, is as we speak demonizing Israel and calling for divestitures, boycotts, et cetera, et cetera.

This reality has been heard loud and clear in Jerusalem. Hence, Israel is continuing to hedge its bets for its security by looking for friends elsewhere. The Trump administration just recently pushed Israel to block a planned port acquisition by a Chinese firm in Haifa.

Russia would like nothing better than to fill the void the Obama administration opened wide. Netanyahu has flown to Moscow multiple times to meet with Russian President Putin to hammer out military deconfliction in Syria.

Putin recently made comments on Israel politics during a meeting between the two leaders in Sochi, Russia.

“We always considered them our people, compatriots. And, of course, we are not indifferent to what kind of people will come into the Israeli parliament,” Putin said, reported RFERL.

Today President Putin made further comments joining the cultures of the Russian Federation and Israel.

“We consider Israel a Russian-speaking country,” Putin said Tuesday at the Keren Hayesod foundation’s annual conference in Moscow, reported The Moscow Times.

“Russians and Israelis have ties of family and friendship,” he said. “Our nations are united by common and often tragic pages in history.

“The positions of Russia and Israel, the peoples of our countries, coincide. We consider any attempt to revise the outcome of the war, to distort the truth and justify fascism and its lapdogs, completely unacceptable.”

Israel is home to the world’s largest population of Russian Jews, a large portion of whom emigrated there from the former Soviet Union in the 1990s. About 17% of Israel’s population is Russian-speaking, added The Moscow Times.

With such a large former-Soviet population, Israeli foreign policy may not be so intertwined with American’s goals in the future. The damage Obama manifested was great.

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Walkin O'Shea September 20, 2019 at 9:51 pm

“Putin Says Israel Is A ‘Russian-Speaking’ Country…”

There’s a lot of truth in that comment. Many refugees to Israel have come from Russia or the surrounding Russian speaking territories. True, they speak Russian, but they think Israeli. I don’t think that will have much impact upon the friendship between Israel and the US.

RJI October 1, 2019 at 5:39 pm

While it may sometimes seem as if Israel is friendly to Russia, it’s nothing more than a diplomatic platitude.
the reality is more of a cold stand-off.
I’m a Russian speaking jew living in Israel and despise Putin and Russian geopolitics.
as do most of my Russian speaking friends.

Israelis remember very well that:
1. it was the Russians that built the Iranian nuclear reactors.
and supplied them with S-300
2. it’s the Russians/Soviets who always were and remain the arms suppliers to our worst enemies including for example Saddam’s Iraq and Egypt
3. it was soviet pilots flying Egyptian MIG planes that attacked Israel in ’73
4. Russia is today one of the main enablers of the deranged Mullahs.
5. It’s under Russian protection that Syria has been overrun by Hezbollah and Iran
6. It was Russian supplied Kornets and other missiles to Hezbollah that made the 2006 war bloody.

So no need to worry, Russian speaking Israelis know very well who their friends are, and it’s definitely not the corrupt kremlin.
I hope for the sake of normal Russians that the corrupt Putin regime is brought down and Russia becomes a normal sane state.

pc_PHAGE May 19, 2020 at 11:01 pm

RJI makes some good points.
But they are from the past and extend into the immediate future.
In the long term Israel will need to find a way to get into the good graces of the former Warsaw pact nations.
Israel will need to forgive and suppress its anger towards them of past anti-Semitism for its future well-being.
The EU & USA are becoming increasingly unstable.
Within the next 50 years the non-white populations will be the majority in most “white” nations.
They will try to impose their own anti-white vision on said country.
Millions dead in race and religious wars will be the West’s DIVERSITY DIVIDEND.
Israel will come under tremendous pressure .
The Arabs have much more potential than Israel due to the Arab’s natural resources, vast territory and huge population advantage.
Israel is like a body-builder waist up[the bomb] standing on two polio legs [small territory & population.].
Sooner or later the Arabs will reach their potential
This talk of an Arab Nato to counter Iran would hasten Arab unity into a single vast country.
It would be the beginning of the end for Israel.—it must never happen.
Israel must do what do necessary for its survival.
It must ethnically cleanse all Arabs from Israeli territory because they have defacto veto power over any rapprochement with the Arab world.
In the next war Israel must increase the size of its territory to minimize its “polio legs”.
Annex huge swathes of Syrian territory.
Time will be the healer, if you get the Arabs out and grab more of their territory.
Court the Russians and East Europeans.–they are the future of White Western Civilization.
Maybe Trump will understand.

pc_PHAGE May 19, 2020 at 11:20 pm

My comment wasn’t censored—miracle of miracles.
Has your Mossad representative gone for coffee?
Being sarcastic not criticizing.
Every American news organization should be sensitive to the needs of that POS, the CIA.!!
It’s called patriotism which is absent in most US “journalists”.


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