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Dagestan Rising: Islamic Terrorist Knifes 8 In Russia

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a teenage knife-wielding terrorist, also wearing a fake suicide vest, who was killed by police in Surgut, central Russia, after he stabbed eight people. Several are fighting for their lives and many required hospitalization.

Moscow Says Foiled Terrorist Plot (Video)

Artur Gadzhiev, who is claimed to be the son of a well-known Islamic extremist, is from Dagestan. His father, Lametulakh, is allegedly registered with police as a supporter of radical Islam.

Other violence was also reported. ‘According to witnesses, unknown people threw a Molotov cocktail bottle inside ‘Severny’ shop, then they attacked a woman with an axe near a cash machine…More than 10 people with injuries have been taken into emergency care,’ reported local news outlets via The Daily Mail.

Dagestan has been in the news a great deal lately in Russia as Russian security forces surrounded a band of Islamic militants hiding in the village of Orota to ‘neutralize’ them. In another incident, two people were killed this week in a bomb explosion in Dagestan.

The region has been a hotbed of Islamic extremism for decades as the Russian government, under Vladimir Putin and Boris Yeltsin, fought several wars in the region. In Chechnya, Putin has essentially allowed Muslim strongman Razman Kadyrov to rule the territory, sometimes even independently from Moscow.

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