Russia Suffers Explosion In Dagestan

Russia Encircles Islamic Militants In Dagestan
Image by Аль-Гимравий

The Russian republic of Dagestan, in Central Asia has long been a hotbed of Islamic extremism. Just a few days ago, the Russian state news agency TASS reported Russian security services had surrounded a group of Islamic militants who were holed up in the village of Orota in Dagenstan’s Khunzakhsky district.

Today, TASS reported an explosive device had been detonated in the Khasavyurt district, killing two. “Two others were injured and being taken to hospital,” said a source.

“Law enforcement personnel are examining the scene. The circumstances and causes of the explosion are yet to be established,” reported emergency services.

“A group of investigators has been dispatched to the area of the Novogagatli. An investigation is in progress. According to information immediately available the explosion of an unidentified device killed two and injured one,” declared the Interior Ministry.

Thirty percent of the Russian population is Islamic and after fighting several wars in the Central Asian region during the 1990s, Moscow is very concerned about terror attacks. Multiple high-profile bomb blasts have gone off inside Russian infrastructure targets over the last several decades. Many Central Asian Islamic State fighters are also returning to the Caucasus from Syria.

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