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Terrorist Cells Proliferate In Afghanistan

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The bleak situation in Afghanistan is worsening as each day passes. The disastrous Doha agreement of 2020 and the catastrophic withdrawal of U.S. and NATO forces in August 2021 have caused Afghanistan to become a hub and haven for international terrorism once again.

Under the tyranny of the Taliban, Afghanistan has become a country where women, who make up half of the population, are deprived of having a public life, where religious groups and many ethnic groups are oppressed, and where foreign terrorists are welcomed and embraced.

Since August 2021, more than 20 terrorist groups have set up bases in Afghanistan. Thousands of fighters from all over South, Central and Western Asia have flooded the country. The Taliban — contrary to their fictitious narrative that they had severed all ties with terrorist groups, especially al Qaeda — have embraced these new guests, hosting Ayman al-Zawahiri in their guesthouse a mile from the former presidential palace in Kabul until he was killed in a drone strike last July…

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Plato v2.0 May 26, 2023 at 3:50 pm

That makes perfect sense that they would re organize after Biden gave them all that shiny new equipment. It’s kind of funny really, because since August 2021, more than 20 terrorist groups have set up bases in Afghanistan. Nearly as many as have been set up in America with Biden evacuees, and on going border crossers!!!


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