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Pence Tells Turkey, Choose Between Russia And NATO

Pence Tells Turkey, Choose Between Russia And NATO
Image by Giorgi Balakhadze

We at Tsarizm have written extensively about the Turkey situation and how the Islamist nation cannot be trusted to secure Western freedoms, the purpose for which the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was founded. The seat of the former Ottoman Empire’s leader, President Recep Erdogan, has time and again shown a stronger fondness for Russia’s Vladimir Putin than for his allies in the European Union and the United States.

Erdogan is moving towards Sharia law and does not hold the values of freedom and liberty that Americans hold so dear. The Turkish President has completely unraveled the legacy of Turkish leader Kemal Ataturk who secularized the country and warned of Islamic fundamentalism, in a bid to. move Turkey towards the West.

So it was refreshing today to hear that Vice President Mike Pence gave Turkey an ultimatum — stop your purchase of Russian air defense systems or be forced out of NATO.

The VP made the remarks today at a NATO summit in Washington and then tweeted out the same comments.

As RT reports, the Turkish FM said that operating the two weapons systems at once “will not be a threat” to the F-35 or other NATO systems. US lawmakers and military officials disagree and have repeatedly warned that Turkey’s deployment of the S-400 would give the Russian system opportunity to learn how to track and spot the F-35, with potentially deadly consequences for the jet in future conflicts, reported Zero Hedge.

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