Erdogan Invites Rama To Meet after Greece’s Extension Of Territorial Waters

Erdogan Invites Rama To Meet after Greece’s Extension Of Territorial Waters

The Turkish government has announced that Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama will visit President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday on a two-day visit.

No similar announcement has been made so far by the Albanian government.

Rama will fly to Turkey on Erdogan’s invitation, the Turkish government has announced.

It adds that “the current regional and international developments will be conferred about.”

The unexpected visit comes after yesterday’s news that the Greek parliament will vote on the extension of its territorial waters in the Ionian Sea, strongly and repeatedlysupported by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

He has so far resisted answering concerns by the Albanian civil society and opposition regarding his government’s analysis on the effects of Greece’s extension on Albania.

No response was given to concerns over effects that may stem from Rama’s support for Greece during the two countries’ case before the International Court of Justice on their maritime delimitation.

The Greek media has been focusing on Rama’s support for Greece’s decision, while considering Greece’s move as a warning for Turkey related to the Turkey-Greece dispute over their maritime delimitation.

Under the given circumstances, Rama’s unexpected two-day meeting with Erdogan in Turkey is expected to have these maritime issues at focus.

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