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Video: Only In Russia…Wife Of Regional Moscow Deputy Creates Traffic Jam On Expressway To Twerk…No Really

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The wife of a Moscow regional deputy shut down traffic on a busy expressway in the capital city to twerk with her backup dancers over the weekend, sparking widespread outrage in the bustling metropolis.

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Social media users in Russia erupted this week over footage of three women performing choreographed dances on the busy Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) with an SUV blocking traffic in the middle lane. Oksana Yakovleva, 29, who performs under the stage name Yaxana, said “I still have the jitters” from the dangerous performance. “My cameraman was almost run over, it was scary,” Yakovleva wrote on her Instagram page Tuesday.

Moscow police said Friday that they had filed a traffic violation report against Yakovleva in relation to the music video shoot. Moscow City Hall’s traffic control center said the singer had held up several ambulances because of the shoot. Other videos posted online showed angry drivers honking at the dancers because of the traffic jam, reported The Moscow Times.

The deputy, who was out of the country on business, said he planned to ‘scold’ the woman on his return. “I don’t need this PR. I think there are other more suitable places to film these kinds of performances.”

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