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Noted AsianWaters Author/Former BBC Beijing Correspondent Calls For Greater Recognition Of Taiwan’s Achievements In Upholding Free Market/Democratic Values

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Noted AsianWaters author/former BBC Beijing correspondent, Humphrey Hawksley called for greater recognition of Taiwan’s achievements in upholding free market/democratic values, and to end Taipei’s isolation, at the launch of his new book on the region, Asian Waters. The declaration is sure to stir the pot with the increase in tensions between Washington and Beijing.

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On 5 September, the launch of author Humphrey Hawksley’s latest book Asian Waters: The Struggle Over the Asia-Pacific and the Strategy of Chinese Expansion took place at the National Liberal Club. The former BBC foreign correspondent’s most recent work contains a chapter on Taiwan which details the country’s important role in the South and East China Seas, Western-style democracy and relationship with the US and China. At the launch event, the author gave a talk in which he argued that China is issuing its global challenge through military expansion in the East and South China Seas. In his speech, Mr Hawksley discussed each one of the five flashpoints in Asia that make up the core themes of his book, including the relationship between China and Taiwan. He also stressed the significance of the nation: “Taiwan is about bringing democracy to a non-western culture, but Taiwan has not received recognition for its achievement,” he said.

Asian Nations Could Develop A Charter On Values To Balance Their Needs Against The Individual Ambitions Of The US And China

At the author’s invitation, Representative Lin also spoke at the launch event. He pointed out that despite China’s pressure, Taiwan has continued to play a proactive role in maintaining peace, stability and security in the Asia Pacific. Representative Lin also stressed that with its geopolitical importance, Taiwan aims to contribute to building a framework for peace, stability and prosperity in the region in partnership with the US, Japan and other like-minded countries, reported Roc-Taiwan.org.

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