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Italy’s Salvini Says Will Close Airports To Prevent EU Globalists From Sending Migrants Via Aircraft Back To Italy

Image by Lega Salvini Premier
Matteo Salvini – Manifestazione Piazza Duomo – 24 Febbraio 2018

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has been at odds with the European Union over migration since taking power in June. Earlier in the year, he declared that Italian ports were off limits for the Soros-backed ships that enable large numbers of economic migrants to flood the European periphery on their way to the golden land of Germany and other parts of Western Europe where they can get free everything. Now he is taking his battle to the airfields and threatening to close Italian airports to German/EU planes that are rumored to begin flying migrants back from Germany to Italian territory.

“We’ll close our airports like we closed the [sea]ports,” he tweeted today.

This battle is a long way from over and with millions of migrants already on The Continent, one wonders how this will all turn out for Europe. Central Europe has refused to take more migrants since 2015 and the EU has begun ‘infringement actions’ against Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic over the issue.

Populist Government In Italy Vows To Work With Hungary To Stop Migration

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