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Russian Orthodox Church Breaks With Constantinople As Ukrainian Orthodox Church Pulls Away

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Poklonnaya Hill Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church, worried about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church leaving its orbit, has decided to start a break with the Orthodox power structure in Constantinople. The Kremlin has long used the church as an equal partner in promoting its narrative of Russian society, in turn the church supports Moscow’s foreign policy goals and domestic policies. With Ukraine looking to break from the ROC, this has ruffled feathers in the Russian leadership, in both the church and the political sector.

An Autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox Church?

Russia’s Orthodox Church said on Friday it would no longer participate in structures chaired by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, deepening a row in Orthodox Christianity over the Ukrainian Church’s bid to break away from Moscow’s orbit.

The Russian Orthodox Church’s Holy Synod ruling body convened on Friday to consider how to respond as the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has courted Constantinople to formally make it a self-governing body independent of Moscow, reported Reuters.

“Essentially this is a breakdown of relations. To take an example from secular life, the decision is roughly equivalent to cutting diplomatic ties,” the Russian Church’s Metropolitan Ilarion was quoted by RIA news agency as saying.

This is a story that has significant implications and is ongoing. Tsarizm will keep you in the loop.

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