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Serbs Take To The Streets

Serbs take to the streets
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Thousands of Serbians marched through the capital of Belgrade Sunday in the fourth week of protests against alleged government brutally against the opposition party.

tThe reason for the beginning of the demonstrations was the attack on the leader of the opposition Levitsa Party, Borislav Stefanovich, and his two allies in the town of Kruševac on November 23, during which his head was smashed and bled heavily. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the arrest of suspects, but the opposition accused the authorities of allowing political violence, reported Russian news outlet RIA Novosti.

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Protestors are demanding the resignation of Serbian President Vucic and Interior Minister Stefanovich. Vucic has recently agreed to try and meet some of the demands for media freedom and less violence against opposition figures, but it seems the crowd is not satisfied and continues to grow.

“When we are asked who organizes the protests, we must answer – Vucic. If it were not for him, we wouldn’t have gathered so much, we wouldn’t know what to fight against. Thank you, Vucic, for speeding up your departure,” the channel appeals to the audience. actor Branislav Trifunovic.He also called for the resignation of Interior Minister Nebojusha Stefanovich due to the fact that “he humiliates the people and counts the protesters instead of investigating the murders in the city,” added RIA.

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