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Poland Calls The EU ‘Imaginary’ And Has Little Relevance Today

Image by Michał Józefaciuk

Polish President Andrzej Duda today declared that the European Union, of which Poland is a member, is ‘imaginary’ and has relevance to the Polish people today.

Andrzej Duda is aligned with the ruling Law and Justice party, which has been in conflict with the EU over an overhaul of the Polish judicial system which Brussels sees as violating the rule of law.

Poland Speeds Judge Replacement In Defiance Of EU

“When our affairs are resolved, we will deal with European affairs,” Duda said in a speech on Tuesday. “For now let them leave us alone and let us fix Poland, because this is the most important thing,” wrote Associated Press.

The spokeswoman for the ruling party “protested strongly” against any suggestion that it was trying to “eliminate” Poland from the 28-member bloc. “We are a part of the EU, we are in the EU and absolutely nothing is changing that,” Beata Mazurek said.

Poland has irked the European Parliament which has started legal action against the Visegrad country, as well as Hungary. The main issues are judicial reform, which Poland says it needs to rid the judiciary of communist-era influence, and their refusal to accept migrants per the edicts of Brussels.

The Central European nations do not want to destroy their security and Christian heritage which has happened in Western Europe as recent riots in Germany highlight.

With newly-installed populists governments in Austria and Italy, the anti-immigration movement across Europe is spreading.

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