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Moscow And Merkel Quietly Start Building Nord Stream II To Increase German Dependence On Russian Gas

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Berlin and Moscow quietly have started laying pipeline for the infamous Nord Stream II pipeline from Russia to Germany. U.S. President Trump has called Germany totally owned by Russia due to their increasing dependence on Russian natural gas to power Deutschland during the winter months.

Solitaire, the pipelay vessel of Swiss company Allseas, started installing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Gulf of Finland on Wednesday.

Solitaire has a length of 300 meters and a width of 41 meters and the vessel will lay the pipeline around the clock seven days a week, the company said. Altogether 420 employees can live aboard the vessel. The 12-meter-long and 24-ton pipes of the gas pipeline will be brought to Solitaire from the closest logistics centers in Kotka and Hanko and the pipes will be welded together on board the vessel, after which the welded connections will be tested and finally the pipeline will be laid at the bottom of the sea.

Merkel Spreads “Fake News” About Nord Stream II Pipeline – “Will Not Make Us Dependent On Russia”

A survey vessel will carry out an inspection both before and after the pipeline is installed in order to make sure that the pipeline is in the right location, reports The Baltic Times.

Trump has slammed Berlin for paying next to nothing for its own defense against the Russian Federation but becoming dependent on Moscow for fuel for the German economy. Germany pays barely 1% of its GDP for military expenditures and has less than 50 aircraft that can fly according to recent reports. Merkel pushed for ‘green energy’ which has not sustained German needs for its industrial economy. The country once relied on nuclear energy which has largely been curtailed in favor of ‘renewables’.

“Donald Trump’s claim that Germany imports 70 per cent of its gas from Russia at a fiery Nato summit today is correct – and the country will soon receive even more. The EU’s statistics agency, Eurostat, says that Russia is responsible for up to 75% of Germany’s total gas imports. And experts say that figure could dramatically increase after a new pipeline between Russia and Germany opens in two years time,” reported The Daily Mail.

Nord Stream 2 is to start transporting natural gas from Russia to Central Europe. The length of the gas pipeline is 1 , 230 kilometers and it will run along the utility line of the first Nord Stream gas pipeline built in 2012.

Polish PM Calls Nord Stream 2 ‘Weapon’ Of Hybrid Warfare

The capacity of the gas pipelines is 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. The pipeline should be ready for use at the beginning of 2020, added The Baltic Times.

I guess Russian gas counts as ‘renewable energy’ because its ever-flowing.

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