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Moldovan President Strips Ex-Romanian President Of Citizenship In Anti-reunification Effort

Moldovan president strips citizenship of ex-Romanian president

Russia has been very active over the last several years attempting to return former Soviet republics to Moscow’s fold. Moldova is center stage in this effort. The newly elected, pro-Russian president of Moldova has stripped the recently granted Moldovan citizenship from ex-Romanian president Basescu.

Moldova was formerly part of Romania and pro-Western forces in both countries have heavily promoted reunification in recent years. Traian Basescu and his wife Maria were awarded Moldovan citizenship in November.

“Moldova’s President Igor Dodon on Tuesday signed a decree revoking Traian Basescu’s citizenship. Basescu called the decision “political” and said that Dodon was “afraid” of him,” reports AP. Dodon said Basescu’s citizenship was obtained ‘illegally.’

“As Romanian president from 2004 to 2014, Basescu promoted closer ties and said the neighbors should reunite. Under his presidency, hundreds of thousands of Moldovans became eligible for Romanian citizenship.”

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