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Lithuania Wants EU Investment Into ‘Rail Mobility’ Projects For Military Infrastructure, Including Roads

With the Baltic states staring down the Russian military machine in Kaliningrad, and through the Suwalki Gap, Lithuania has been out front requesting aid for military infrastructure from the EU, and military forces ‘in-country’ from the U.S.

“Last spring, the European Commission proposed allocating funds from the EU’s 2021–2027 budget for dual-purpose transport infrastructure to facilitate movement of military equipment in member states. Lithuanian officials says they hope to get at least 430 million euros under constant prices (without inflation taken into consideration) from the so-called military mobility fund,” reported The Baltic Times.

“Around 310 million euros will be needed to adapt road infrastructure, airports will need around 80 million euros and the state-run port of Klaipeda will need around 40 million euros,” Dalia Paredniene, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Transport told BNS Lithuania.

Report: Russia Rebuilding Key Weapons Storage Bunker In Kaliningrad

“The European Commission is proposing allocating 5.7 billion euros at constant prices for military mobility in the EU’s next budget. This amount would stand at 6.5 billion euros at current prices when inflation is taken into account,” wrote The Baltic Times.

The United States and other NATO partners are ‘temporarily’ stationing armored forces in the region to deter perceived Russian aggression. The temporary rotations have become ‘permanent rotations’ to get away from treat requirements on forces in Europe.

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