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Russia May Retaliate Over SF Consulate Seizure

Russia May Retaliate Over SF Consulate Seizure
Screenshot Russian Foreign Ministry Twitter Post

Russia said today it will most likely retaliate against the American seizure of the San Francisco property of the Russian Consulate that was forcibly closed last month as a tit-for-tat retaliation against the Russian forced reduction of American diplomats in Russia.

Russia Posts Videos Of US Officials Searching Russian Trade Mission In Washington

American security officials searched the premises Monday.

“We strongly protest this latest hostile act of the United States and reserve the right to respond…Nobody has invited U.S. agents to be there. They are intruders,” a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry read. “Their actions are outrageous and unprecedented in the history of bilateral relations,” reported The Moscow Times.

Russia Continues To Hyperventilate Over Consulate Search And Closure

The Russian Foreign Ministry statement suggested that the “U.S. essentially agreed to the possibility of similar treatment of their representative offices in Russia.”

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