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Russia Continues To Hyperventilate Over Consulate Search And Closure

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The closure and searches of the Russian consulate in San Francisco, and the Russian trade mission in Washington, D.C., continues to send the Russian Foreign Ministry into hyperventilation. Moscow has characterized the incidents as a violation of the Vienna diplomatic agreements and is publicly saying the U.S. may be planting compromising information.

“It looks as if the American intelligence agencies are trying to organize an anti-Russian provocation and may even plant compromising material in the building or discover them somehow in the future. Because we don’t have the foggiest idea of what they are doing now,” she explained, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

“Special equipment has been installed, and some works are underway,” Zakharova continued. “And no one is talking about this to anyone, of course.”

Smoke Rising From Russian San Fransisco Consulate…Occupants Won’t Allow SFFD In

“This behavior is inappropriate for an entity based on international law and a permanent member of the UN Security Council that pioneered the modern system of international relations…Unfortunately, it threatens to morph into not just an incident, but a new American practice.

“We believe that the US is thus destabilizing not just Russian-American relations, but the global international order as well.

“New tonality of relations is being impressed upon us. This is being done now, almost every day. Recession and refusal to cooperate, including contacts between or nations, are thrust upon us.

Russia Posts Videos Of US Officials Searching Russian Trade Mission In Washington

“Diplomatic immunity, particularly the immunity of diplomatic facilities refers to the rules of the game enshrined in international law…Even when the most acute crises break out, these rules allow countries to maintain civilized interaction. This is the key phrase – even when the most acute crises and wars break out and diplomatic relations are severed. This is what diplomatic immunity was introduced for.”

“How are you supposed to build dialogue and relations if you partner violates agreements after having accepted them, being a subject of international law?”

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