Putin Asks, What’s The Difference Between Comey And Snowden? Offers Leaking Former FBI Director Asylum In Russia
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Putin Asks, What’s The Difference Between Comey And Snowden? Offers Leaking Former FBI Director Asylum In Russia

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Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual question and answer session with the Russian public today; the event called, The Direct Line, lasted almost four hours.

The Russian leader had choice words for former FBI Director James Comey, comparing him to the famous national security leaker Edward Snowden, who has taken refuge and asylum in the Russian Federation.

According to Putin, Comey is more like a rights activist than a secret service chief. “If he continues to be persecuted in this connection, we will be ready to provide political asylum to him, he should know about that,” the Russian president said.

Putin pointed out that Comey had admitted to have recorded his conversation with Trump, handing it over to the media through a friend. “This sounds strange when a secret service chief records his conversation with the commander-in-chief to hand the record to the media,” Putin added, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

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On a conciliatory note, Putin added that Russia still hopes for normalization of ties with the U.S. During the question and answer session, Putin said he did not consider the US to be an enemy of Russia and claimed he wanted a “constructive dialogue” with Washington, reported Zero Hedge. Putin also discussed attempts to diversify the Russian economy and many other questions asked by the Russian public. These concerns included low salaries, decrepit housing, failing health care and other social problems.

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