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Ukraine Needs More Lethal Weapons – Says Minister Of Foreign Affairs

Ukraine Needs More Lethal Weapons – Says Minister of Foreign AffairsThe question of lethal weapons supply has repeatedly been raised in Kiev, but officially Kiev has not received so far, even though the US is now providing military assistance to Ukraine.

Earlier, First Deputy Minister of Defense Bob Wark, said at a meeting with Klimkin, that “the United States remain committed to serious support for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as building the capacity of the Ukrainian armed forces.”



“We’re definitely in need of it (lethal weapons). I always say that I do not like this division – to lethal and non-lethal – we need more defensive and high-tech weapons and effective cooperation with the United States and NATO in many areas, “- Klimkin said in an interview ZN.UA publication, responding to a question whether Ukraine needs lethal weapon.

According to him, he sees that this interaction is really starting to show results. “And, most importantly, I see by the reaction of our friends and colleagues, and they see that the results are there,” – said Klimkin.


Russia Warns Not To Deliver Arms To Ukraine

Moscow has repeatedly warned about arms deliveries to Ukraine. Russia says this step will only lead to an escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. The press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, has repeatedly stated that arms deliveries to Kiev will not help resolve the crisis in Ukraine.


Ukraine Won’t Return Crimea By Force, Say Ukrainian Deputies

For some reason, more and more deputies of Verkhovna Rada have ruled out the necessity of military intervention in the Crimean conflict. Early in January Nadia Savchenko, Ukraine’s MP and former Air Force pilot, caused controversy with the suggestion that Ukraine should give up the Crimea in exchange for Russia leaving the Donbass region. She, just like Mustafa Dzhemilev, stressed that the situation in the east of Ukraine can only be resolved peacefully.
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