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Russian Lawmaker ‘Lets Secret Out’, Declares Russia Can Close Entire Planet With S-700 Air Defense System

Image by duma.gov.ru
Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the State Duma

Russia’s firebrand lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky let the cat out of the bag in a televised interview with “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” in Moscow yesterday, declaring the Russian Federation now had the S-700 air defense system and could ‘close the entire planet’ if it wanted to regarding aircraft flight.

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“S-300 them (USA. – Approx. Ed.) Is now interested. They paid attention to zero – that there is some S-300. And now they are afraid, because Israel is a direct ally of the US, he is afraid – S-300 is near And any aircraft – not only Israeli – any military aircraft can be destroyed, and the Americans as a whole are afraid, they are afraid that the whole world will see that the best air defense system in the world is Russian S-300. 400, C-500, C-600 and C-700. We can close the entire planet, and not a single plane will fly into the air, ”the parliamentarian announced, reported Russian news outlet RIA Novosti.

“The last is still C-700. I think this will be the last air defense system, because there will be no more missiles for take-off in the world. The C-700 will completely close everyone right at the launch sites, and this will be the last blow of the Russian air defense system,” he added.

Russia has made news lately by delivering the S-300 system to the Syrian armed forces, to the chagrin of Israel. Many analysts believe the system will be operated by Russian crews with the long-term Soviet/Russian ally.

Russia was embarrassed last month when a Russian reconnaissance aircraft was shot down by Syrian friendly-fire during an Israeli airstrike on Syrian targets.

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American aircraft operate by stealth characteristics against such systems. However, this advantage can be quickly eroded with new technologies that can detect such targets by improved radar efficiencies. It is unknown whether the new Russian systems can accomplish this task. Both sides seem to not want to find out in an actual combat scenario.

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