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Putin Says West Provoked Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the restoration of dialogue between the Russian special services with US counterparts and other NATO member countries is in the common interest of all parts.

“At the next level we need to cooperate in anti-terror cooperation with foreign partners,” – he said Thursday at a meeting of the board of FSB (Federal Security Service).

“It is not our fault that it [dialogue] broke and did not go on,  but it is absolutely clear that in the field of counterterrorism should cooperate all the responsible states and international associations,” – said the Russian leader.

He also stressed the necessity of strengthening cooperation with UN, the CSTO and the SCO.

Putin then proceeded to criticize NATO, once again reiterating the idea that its expansion is directed against Russia. Western countries are constantly provoking Russia, and tend to be drawn into a confrontation, he said.

“There are continued attempts to interfere in our internal affairs with the aim to destabilize the social and political situation in Russia”, – Putin said.

According to him, the activity of foreign special services is not reduced in Russia.

“It is important to neutralize the attempts of foreign intelligence services to access to private information, especially in the field of military-technical potential of our country”, – said Russian President.

It’s not the first time Putin appears to harshly criticize NATO and US intelligence agencies; the resignation of General Michael Flynn and President Trump’s recent statements might predict that warming or reaching new agreements between the US and Russia is becoming less likely.


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