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Russia Warns Ukraine On Missile Tests

Russia warns Ukraine on missile testsUkrainian media are quoting Ukrainian President Piotr Poroshenko as saying that the Ukrainian people have experienced a real “high” from the recent firing exercise of anti-aircraft S-300 missiles by the Ukrainian armed forces in the vicinity of the Crimean Peninsula. According to Poroshenko, this was attested by the many phone calls he and his defense minister received from excited citizens.

Russian media report that while at no time have the Ukrainian missiles come closer than 20 miles to the Crimean airspace, they considered the exercise to be a provocation. They also noted that should any missiles in the future enter Crimean airspace, they will be shot down by Russian air defense forces.

Furthermore, should any Ukrainian missiles pose a threat to any Russian installations, the batteries and other ground equipment that were used in the launch would he destroyed.

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