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Hungary Says Sanctions Threat By EU New Soros Attack

Hungary Says Sanctions Threat By EU New Soros Attack
Image by Gémes Sándor/SzomSzed

Hungary lashed out today at efforts by the European Union to condemn the country, primarily over its policy of refusing to accept migrants, although other human rights violations were alleged. The European parliament passed a resolution condemning Hungary’s “serious deterioration” in the rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary, reported Reuters.

“Recent developments in Hungary have led to a serious deterioration in the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights which is testing the EU’s ability to defend its founding values,” the parliament said in a statement.

If the process is taken to its full conclusion, Hungary could be denied voting rights and face financial penalties, although its fellow Eastern European neighbor, Poland, would most likely veto the action. EU rules state all 27 members must approve such action.

“European institutions are clearly unable to accept the fact that … the Government of Hungary is continuing to practice a migration policy that is exclusively aimed at ensuring the security of Hungary,” Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said.

The European Parliament will now prepare a formal resolution to launch a process to determine whether there is a “clear risk of a serious breach” of EU values by Budapest, reported Reuters.

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