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Russia Says Coordinating Joint Airstrikes With US Targeting ISIS In Syria

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Due to US work on reconciliation of warring sides in Syria, 138 armed units have joined the regime of cessation of hostilities, says Russian Defense Minister

Russia has begun to coordinate with the United States efforts on delivering joint strikes on terrorists in Syria, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on Friday.
“We think that adoption of these measures will allow to get to the process of a peaceful solution to the conflict within Syria. Certainly, these measures are coordinated with the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic. Yesterday we began to coordinate these measures with our colleagues in Oman and Geneva,” Shoigu said.
Nearly 140 armed units in Syria have joined the cessation of hostilities thanks to U.S. efforts, Shoigu added.

“Analogous work (on reconciliation of warring sides in Syria – TASS) is being done by the United States of America,” Shoigu said. “Due to its steps, 138 armed units have joined the regime of cessation of hostilities.”
“Despite separate violations, the ceasefire regime is in general observed in most Syrian provinces. Main violations of the regime of cessation of hostilities and periodic deterioration of the situation in north Latakia, Aleppo province, as well as in the suburbs of Damascus, are connected with attempts of Jebhat al-Nusra and military groups that joined it to disrupt peaceful settlement and resume full-scale military actions on the territory of Syria,” Shoigu said.

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