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Azerbaijan’s President Places Wife As Vice President

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev appointed his wife the first vice-president in the country’s history.

The decree of the appointment of Aliyev was signed on Tuesday, February 23. The president introduced his wife as his deputy at the session of the Security Council of Azerbaijan. He said that for many years her wife has played an “important role in the socio-political, cultural and international activities”. Aliyev called his wife a professional, competent and humanist person.

The president’s wife previously served as deputy head of the party “New Azerbaijan.” Mehriban Aliyeva herself, at the meeting of the National Security Council, explained her success in supporting Ilham Aliyev. “I fully understand the seriousness of the responsibility entrusted in me and believe, Mr. President, that I can justify your and peoples’ trust”, – she said.

Ms Aliyeva’s political status has been rising since she was named in 2013 as deputy head of her husband’s YAP Party, which holds the majority of seats in parliament. According to the new rules, the first vice-president assumes leadership of the country if the president dies or becomes incapacitated.


Azerbaijan’s President Places Wife As Vice President

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