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Opinion: Political Consultants Posing As Spooks In Trump Case

Political Consultants Posing As Spooks

I had a Top Secret Special Compartmental Intelligence Clearance. I’ve read a lot of intelligence reports over the years. This garbage that CNN and Buzz Feed released is not written by a spook. It was written by a political consultant. It is opposition research. Actually, it’s not even research. It’s made up.

The Democrats and anti-Trump people complain about Trump’s supposed fascism. I have a news flash – Trump hasn’t taken office yet. However, using the agencies of the federal government against the political opposition really is fascism. It is also something Barack Obama has no qualms doing and he is doing it once again with nine days left in office.

We all know about the IRS and it’s efforts against the Tea Party prior to the 2012 election. We know about Lois Lerner and others taking the 5th. Some of these conservative organizations STILL have not received their tax exempt status.

Now we have the President of the United State’s putting Nixon to shame. Ten days prior to Trump’s inauguration we suddenly have news of Trump’s romps with Russian prostitutes and other refuse. We have the Director of National Intelligence doing our Dear Leader’s work with claims of Russian involvement in our elections and how they wanted to help Trump.

But there is something I can’t figure out. If Trump is bought and paid for by Russia, how does rearming our military, greatly expanding our navy, modernizing our nuclear forces to be so strong that no one would dare mess with us, how does that help Russia again?

A few weeks ago the media was crowing about Trump wanting to start an arms race with Moscow. So which is it?

Obama is a petty little wanna-be dictator and his minions are pathetic losers. Yes, they lost. Yes, Trump is going to kick over the table in Washington. Yes, Trump is going to shine light down the tunnel and see how deep Obama’s rabbit hole goes of supporting terrorism, fascist policies, graft, corruption, and so on and so on.

That is what they are really worried about, at best being humiliated or at worst going to prison.

So to counter all of this garbage on Trump, today I am making up a story about Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi sleeping together and I’m going to publish it and spread the fake news to the world, because Americans need to know what’s going on!

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