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Scientists Find Strange Ancient Markings On Sink Hole Expedition In Siberia (The Colony #6)

This post is the sixth in a short story that will be told only via fictitious news posts – we hope you enjoy! Watch for the next post of The

sink hole siberia

(Siberia) A team of Russian scientists that descended into a massive sink hole in Siberia, that emitted an intense energy plume several days earlier, have returned to the surface of the circular crater. They have brought with them pictures of strange pre-historic drawings that were found inside caves in the interior of the sink hole, only recently opened to the surface of the earth after being buried for millennia.

The images look to have been hand drawn by humans, or their ancestors, long ago and seem to be pictures of strange alien beings, although, no proof of this fact has been discovered.

“The images are just magnificent and throw a whole new light of this sink hole phenomenon. We don’t know if they are related to what is going on or not but we can’t dismiss this possibility,” remarked the head of the scientific expedition.

The Russian government has now agreed to allow scientists from other nations to inspect the findings.

sink hole Siberia

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