China Plans To Take Over The World

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In a scarcely-reported and little-noticed development, the African press is reporting that China is likely to take over the huge port of Mombassa from the Kenyan government after a near default by Kenya Railways Corporation on loans from the Exim Bank of China.

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This is possible because Kenya, along with many other nations along China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ project — a massive initiative to reinvent the Chinese ‘Silk Road’ to Europe — signed away its sovereign rights to Beijing upon taking billions from China for infrastructure projects.

“The China Exim bank would become a principal over KPA [Kenyan Port Authority] if KRC [Kenyan Railways Corporation] defaults in its obligations,” reports Africa Stand and All Africa news.

This is starting to become a pattern across the developing world. A similar situation recently went down in Sri Lanka where the government lost its Hambantota port to China, reported Zero Hedge. Zambia also lost Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to China over failure of debt repayment.

Why is this important? It needs to be highlighted because this is just one more example of China’s long-term plan to literally take over the world.

Michael Pillsbury, the Mandarin-speaking analyst who has advised successive U.S. administrations on China policy, has been warning about it for years.

In Mr. Pillsbury’s 2015 book, “The Hundred Year Marathon,” he outlines in vivid detail China’s devious agenda to become the dominant global power, and a corrupt, repressive, communist one at that.

It seems the West may have won The Cold War battle against this ideology, but we are now losing the war.

China is stealing our technology, manipulating its currency, taking advantage of our lenient immigration policies, and practicing unfair trade in order to soon become the largest economy in the world, and the nation in control of the world’s resources. Mr. Pillsbury describes how there are over 300,000 Chinese students in American universities stealing new technology and sending it home to Beijing. Chinese ‘Confuscious Centers’ give millions to our Marxist university administrations and then control what higher education can teach our children. China is ramping up military spending, especially in asymmetric warfare technologies to defeat American power projection capabilities.

All this is happening while the communist nation maintains over a million of its own Muslim citizens in concentration camps for ‘re-education.’ Strangers are appointed new ‘family members’ in Muslim homes to report back on behavior that Beijing may find against its interests, such as praying. This is a slippery slope. They are doing many of the same things to Christians, or anyone who doesn’t believe in the big government religion.

Meanwhile, the America Left stays silent. Apple still makes phones in China with very questionable standards for labor. Google is still helping China censor the internet. The Democratic Party would rather talk about Russia, instead of the existential threat China poses to America and our way of life.

The American Democratic Party wants socialism.

Beware America. Socialism is just communist lite. Communism kills. Communism is evil. Communism destroys the human spirit. Communism is just dictatorship with an elaborate name.

The elites always enjoy communism. The people always suffer.

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President Trump is the only American politician in recent memory with the guts to stand up to Chinese communists and their nefarious ways. And yet again, the American Left demonizes our president for it instead of giving him the credit he deserves.

The behavior of the Democrats makes one wonder if they too are infected with the Chinese, communist disease. How many of them are on the side of the communists with their anti-American activities? How many in the American left secretly wish America would fail so that a “better system” than free market capitalism could take over?

A little McCarthyism could be a good thing right now.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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