Why The Hate, On This Thanksgiving, Let’s Celebrate The Original Intention And Unite

The Thanksgiving holiday is not racist. It was a celebration of thanks between the old world and the new.

The horrors of human history are well documented, from the Roman Empire, to the Persian Empire, to the Mayan sacrifices. The conquest theory of domination has long been practiced by our ancestors; it is human nature.

Yes, the European settlers conquered the Indian tribes in North America, just as the Indian tribes in North America had wiped out tribes before them. Yes, our ancestors experienced or enabled slavery; but no one in America today has legally owned a slave, nor any of the last few generations.

Trump is not fascist. He actually loves America and its people. Let him do his job.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America, borrowed from the ancient Greeks, and Romans, and other cultures to create the most successful experiment in human governance ever devised. People who are born in America have won the economic and freedom lottery. White, black, yellow, or red, anyone here in these lands has more opportunity to prosper and live in safety and security than any where else on the globe. Why do you think so many people want to come here?

The Pilgrims gave thanks with the Indians to celebrate making it through the harsh winter. The Indians helped the White man. The whites shared their food with the Indians. We all know the story.

Why don’t we all take a page from this small event in history and learn from it. Help your neighbor. Even better, listen to your neighbor, his or her concerns, his or her way of thinking. Try to reach across the aisle. Maybe the other side will reach back.

No, the Thanksgiving holiday is not racist. It is a story of sacrifice and unity.

Let’s stop denigrating America. We need to unite to ensure our collective future. E pluribus unum.

Our children deserve the same opportunities that we have had. Let’s make sure they get to enjoy them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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