There’s Not Going To Be A Second Term If GOP Continues To Allow Corrupt Democrats To Steal Election After Election

Hillary Clinton is going to run again…and this time she is going to win. Why, you ask? She could never win, you say! Because Republicans are letting the corrupt, Democratic Party steal elections, right under our noses.

We all know that a dozen house races and a couple Senate seats have gone to the Left, after the elections were supposed to be over. We have rampant, in-your-face fraud in Broward County and in Palm County, Florida.

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What has the GOP done? Filed a few lawsuits, that are being swatted down like flies as Obama judges allow even more time for the corrupt commies to find more ballots. That’s when you can tell they haven’t manufactured enough to win yet, when judges give them more time.

You see, it doesn’t matter any more that we can vote; the criminal ‘progressives’ will just steal the election. As Stalin said, it doesn’t matter how people vote, it matters who counts the votes.

Meanwhile, the caravans continue north, with the first reaching the U.S.-Mexico border yesterday and pictures emerged of illegal migrants just climbing the fence and walking in. What ever happened to that big, beautiful wall? Oh yea, stopped by Democrats. With more illegals coming in to vote, which is apparently allowed in Broward County, eventually, the GOP won’t be able to win of course. I read a story yesterday that declared 5 million citizens of Central America want to live in a different country. Let me help you; it won’t be Nigeria they migrate to.

Yes, the GOP, including the Executive Branch of the Federal government is impotent. Where is the Department of Justice? Jeff Sessions was forced from under his desk to go home and run again for his Senate seat. The Democrats have found a way to tie up the new acting attorney general to keep the Mueller kangaroo trial going. I guess the cavalry isn’t coming.

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We are witnessing the end of America and the beginning of totalitarianism – something I never thought I would see in my lifetime in my country.

The GOP doesn’t have the will to survive. They are still playing by the rules. They are cucks.

Our electoral system has been compromised, the one thing that made us different, and special – the peaceful transfer of power decided upon by the people, for the people.

It is a sad day.

I think I’m going to vomit.

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