We Don’t Need Tyrannical Big Tech…Here Are Some Alternatives

Each day brings new revelations about big-tech and their tyrannical actions and monopolistic practices. It’s time those in the crosshairs of this illegal behavior look for alternatives. At the end of the day, the truth is, you don’t need to send your money, advertising eyeballs, or support to these corrupt, anti-American companies.

Here are some alternatives.

Google Search – Google tracks everything you do. There is no reason to give this power to someone else. Your privacy matters. Delete Chrome and change your browser to Mozilla Firefox. Change the default search engine on your device to Duck Duck Go. They don’t track you. They advertise this as a badge of honor. This is an easy fix you can do in a few minutes.

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Google Office Suite – Zoho.com is an Indian company that has robust capability. Spend some time getting familiar with the software suite and what it can do for you. There is no reason to share documents with Google or other liberal cloud services and give access to this information to someone who is against you ideologically.

Twitter – Twitter has gone full bore censorship of anything it doesn’t like (read anything conservative). Open an account on Gab.com and ride the wave. There is no censorship. If anyone bothers you on the site, just mute them. It’s easy! Gab is growing rapidly.

Google Analytics – use Clicky! There is so much capability there!

Amazon – There are a myriad of other e-commerce retailers out there. Walmart, or more refined niche operators are not hard to find. Don’t give your money to the company that wants to bring down President Trump.

Facebook – This company tracks everything you do, sells it, and treats your privacy like an open book. They don’t care about you at all. If you don’t want to give up Facebook to connect with family in the like, at least protect your computer from their spying. Install the ‘facebook condom’ on Mozilla Firefox and you will keep Facebook in a cage.

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This is just a partial list. We will publish a more robust table of alternatives as we do more research.

Oh, and by the way, search out news outlets that don’t push the anti-Trump narrative. Tsarizm.com is a great place to start for international news!

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